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Liwa Desert Safari Abu Dhabi
Liwa Oasis Safari Day Tour & Overnight

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PREMIUM OFFER: Evening desert safari – Premium 20% off now. Rush for AED 200 per Adult and child AED 110. ( د.إ )
PREMIUM OVERNIGHT SAFARI 10% off: at Al Khatim desert (Not LIWA): AED 450 د.إ per Person – Sharing car.
PREMIUM MORNING SAFARI 30% off: AED 250 د.إ per person (Minimum 2 persons cost) – Sharing car.

All Offers above are at Al Khatim desert and not LIWA. All prices include 5% Tax.


All prices includes 5% Tax

Full Day Tour

- Price: AED 2400

Overnight Safari Tour

- Price: AED 3000


- Arab Emirati Dirham (AED) د.إ

NUZHATH IDEAS are specifically designed to give you a well planned desert safari and oasis tour experience with guaranteed comfort, best price and offers. Learn more about the Liwa desert here.


A morning spend at Abu Dhabi Al Khateem desert

Experienced say that the desert is the perfect place to watch the sunset.

A night at LIWA desert staying at tent that is fixed for you

FRom 8am to 2pm a day at LIWA desert with adventure

Why LIWA tour with Nuzhath Ideas?

Desert driving require special licence at UAE. Driving at empty quarter safely not only needs expertise of a desert driver, but require special skills. We are blessed with best drivers in desert at UAE, who are Arabic and can speak English. Not only their expertise will feel you comfortable, their hospitality and fun loving nature will be appreciated by you highly (We guarantee). We have 100% excellent reviews on our drivers by customers who explored this desert. All through drive and at desert, they will be the best guide you will have… They will cook the most delicious BBQ dinner (Arabic specialty) also for you and prepares your tents to ‘sleep like a Bedouin‘. Most of our drivers are very good in capturing your photographs also.

Please note:Tents at LIWA are not Bedouin tents. There is a common thought among customers that it’s Bedouin. Tents at our Al Khatim camp are Bedouin.

Safari Packages Prices and Details

Premium Packages

Timings (Maychange)

Number of persons

Cost in AED د.إ Currency: Arab Emirates Dirham

Regular Evening desert safari with 45 minutes dunebashing

15:00 pm to 22:00pm


250 per adult, 200 per child

Evening safari with 90 minutes dune bashing – Private car

15:00 pm to 22:00pm

01 – 04 05 - 06

1400 / 1600

Afternoon Dunebashing only– 45 minutes – Private car

15:00 pm to 22:00pm

01 – 04 05 - 06

1000 / 1250

Afternoon Dunebashing only – 90 minutes – Private car

15:00 pm to 22:00pm

01 – 04 05 - 06

1350 / 1600


15:00 pm to 22:00pm

01 – 04 05 - 06

1200 / 1500
Sharing car AED 250 per person
Minimum 2 persons rate

Overnight stay at Al Khateem desert

15:00 pm to 22:00pm

01 – 04 05 - 06

Private car: Please contact us for prices
Sharing car: AED 495 per person

Liwa full day tour

15:00 pm to 22:00pm

01 – 04


Liwa overnight tour

15:00 pm to 22:00pm

01 – 04


Dinner only

15:00 pm to 22:00pm

01 – 04 05 - 06


Customer Reviews


WHY a 4 X 4 Land cruiser can accommodate only 4 persons at LIWA? For safari at Al Khateem, a car can accommodate 6 persons. But at we need to carry safety equipment’s (For both tours), tents (For overnight), sleeping accessories and two back seats will be occupied by these.

Do we need to take something for overnight stay? We will provide you sleeping bags, pillows, blankets. Please use shoes while your tour. Sandals are not advised as difficult to walk. Desert is colder than city with wind and hence it will be nice to wear loose casuals, carry light jackets and a sun glass.

Contact us for availing special desert safari offers or deals

Business Working Hours

All times are in GST – Gulf Standard Time ) 07 AM -: 23.55 PM (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Not permitted at desert

Alcohol is not permitted to carry to desert as per law. Pets like Dogs are not allowed in the tours.

Permitted at desert

Snacks or food (For full day tour and BBQ Dinner available for overnight package) Water, soft drinks can be carried. ForSand boarding or sand skiing – Please request at the time of booking so that we can carry sand boards in our car.