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How much is Desert Safari Dubai in Indian rupees?

Dubai is a popular tourist destination for Indian travelers due to its proximity, connectivity, attractions like the desert safari, and favorable currency exchange rates. Here is an in-depth guide on desert safari prices, packages, booking options, inclusions, etc. to plan your Dubai trip budget.

How much is Desert Safari Dubai in Indian rupees?

The desert safari is one of the most popular tourist activities in Dubai. It involves driving into the Arabian desert in a 4×4 vehicle to experience dune bashing, camel rides, sunset views, Arabic food, Tanura dance shows, and more.

Desert safari durations vary from half-day evening safaris to overnight safari camps. Most tourists prefer evening desert safaris of 4-6 hours. Popular inclusions are dune bashing, camel rides, sunset photography, buffet dinner barbecue, henna/tattoos, shisha, Tanura dance show, etc.

The cost in Indian rupees depends on factors like safari duration, choice of camp/tour operator, inclusions, season/peak period, mode of transfer, etc which are explained below.

Desert Safari Duration and Pricing

  • Evening desert safari (4-6 hours): ₹2000-4000 per person
  • Overnight desert safari (6 pm to 9 am next day): ₹4000-7000 per person
  • Morning desert safari (7-9 am): ₹1500-2500 per person

Choice of Desert Safari Tour Operator

Reputable desert safari operators like Arabian Adventures, Alpha Tours, Desert Safari Dubai, etc. provide professional service and inclusions at reasonable prices.

Smaller unknown operators may offer lower prices but compromise on safety, vehicle condition, inclusions, quality of camps and activities.

Stick to reputable tour operators for a quality experience.

Desert Safari Inclusions

  • Dune bashing: Driving on sand dunes in a 4×4 vehicle
  • Camel riding: Short ride on camels in the desert
  • Sandboarding: Sliding down sand dunes with a board
  • Quad biking: Dune driving on an ATV Quad bike
  • Henna tattoo: Intricate decorative hand tattoos using natural henna dye
  • Shisha: Flavored tobacco smoking using a hookah pipe
  • Buffet dinner: Arabic dishes like shawarma, machboos, etc.
  • Soft drinks: Water, juices, aerated drinks, tea/coffee
  • Tanura dance show: Traditional Arabic folk dance with colorful skirt swirling
  • Belly dance performance
  • Fire show: Skilled performer twirling fire sticks, fire rings, etc.
  • Photography: Professional photos and videos during the safari

The more inclusions in a package, the higher the price. Optimize inclusions based on interests to control costs.

Desert Safari Transfers

Most safaris include hotel transfers by bus, but private premium transfers in a luxury vehicle will cost extra:

  • Regular AC bus transfers: Included
  • Private luxury vehicle transfers: ₹1500-2000 extra per person

Desert Safari Prices by Season

Desert safari prices are highest during peak seasons like:

  • Winter (November-February): Moderate weather attracts more tourists
  • Summer vacations (May-July): For families with school-going children
  • Festive seasons (Eid, Diwali, Christmas): High demand from holidays and long weekends

Prices can be 10-25% higher compared to other months.

Opting for morning desert safaris and avoiding weekends reduces costs during peak times.

Total Desert Safari Costs Estimate

Category Cost per person (in ₹)
Evening desert safari package 2000-4000
Overnight desert safari package 4000-7000
Safari add-ons/upgrades 500-2000
Meals not included 500-1000
Shopping/souvenirs 1000-2000
Total trip cost per person 5000-12000

As a rule of thumb, keep aside ₹7000-10000 per person for a evening desert safari experience, plus extra for shopping/upgrades as per your interests.

Booking Your Desert Safari

To get the best deals, book your desert safari online in advance, at least 2-3 days prior to the trip.

Most tour operators offer online booking through their website or platforms like GetYourGuide, Thrillophilia, etc. Payment can be made securely using credit/debit cards, PayPal, UPI, etc.

Online booking has several advantages:

  • Guaranteed confirmation of desert safari booking
  • Ability to change/cancel booking as needed
  • Transparent pricing without hidden charges
  • Priority preference for hotel transfers
  • Discount vouchers on selected packages

Check cancellation and rescheduling policies before booking. Read reviews and compare similar packages across operators before selecting one.

Saving on Desert Safari Costs

Here are some tips to optimize desert safari costs:

  • Book online in advance for lowest prices and maximum discounts
  • Prefer morning desert safaris over evening safaris
  • Choose less inclusions/upgrades based on interests
  • Share costs by traveling in larger groups of 4+ persons
  • Avoid booking during peak seasons and weekends
  • Pre-book meals and transport to get bundled deals

Being flexible with timings, venues, operators, etc. allows you to grab last minute deals in off-peak season.

Sign up for email alerts from tour operators to get special discounts and coupon codes. Children below 5 years usually tour for free with family.


Q1. Does desert safari price include entry tickets to Dubai parks?
No, desert safari cost does not include entry tickets to other Dubai attractions and parks. These have to be booked separately.

Q2. Will I get a chance to swim/surf in the desert?
Most evening desert safaris do not include sand surfing or swimming. These adventure activities need specialized gear and instructors. Some overnight camps provide sand surfing.

Q3. Can I book a private desert safari for our family?
Yes, many operators offer private desert safari trips exclusively for your family or group. Naturally, private safaris are costlier than shared group departures.

Q4. Is it safe to go on desert safaris for kids or during pregnancy
Yes, reputable tour operators conduct safaris responsibly keeping passenger safety and comfort in mind. Children above 3 years are usually allowed but confirm with your tour operator.

Q5. How can I get discounts on desert safari prices?
Book online to avail maximum discounts and exclusive promo codes. Opt for morning or off-peak timings for cheaper rates. Group bookings for 4+ also attract discounts from most operators.

Q6. Do I need an international driving permit for desert safari dune bashing?
No, dune bashing is done in vehicles driven by trained professionals. Participants do not drive the vehicle themselves, so no special driving permit is required.

Q7. Will I have network/WiFi connectivity during the desert safari?
WiFi may not be available at desert camps. Most safari vehicles have charging points. Some camps provide basic WiFi connectivity. Confirm this in advance with your tour operator if needed.

Q8. Can I customize or upgrade my desert safari package?
Yes, most reputable tour operators allow adding on activities or upgrades to your booked package by paying extra charges. These include premium transfers, balloon rides, cultural shows, adventurous sports, etc.

Q9. What is the best time for desert safari in Dubai?
The cool evenings from September-April are ideal for desert safaris. Extreme summer heat from May-August can be uncomfortable, especially for kids and elderly. Still, mornings and nights are relatively pleasant in summers too.

Q10. Will I get vegetarian food options during the safari dinner?
Yes, registered tour operators make suitable arrangements to provide vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options during the buffet dinner. Do inform your dietary preference at the time of booking.

Q11. What is the difference between 4×4 and 6×6 desert safari vehicles?
4×4 vehicles have 4 wheels while 6×6 have 6 wheels. The extra wheels on 6×6 provide greater stability and traction while dune bashing but they are costlier for tour operators. Choose an operator with well-maintained 4×4 or 6×6 vehicles.

Q12. Should I tip the desert safari staff and guides?
Tipping is not compulsory but appreciated if you had a good experience. 10-15 AED per person for tipping the drivers, guides and servers is considered decent. Carry small change for convenience.

Q13. Is camel riding safe for kids and elderly people?
Yes, Camels used for riding within camps are trained to walk slowly. Safety gear may be provided. Most camps restrict riding for kids under 3 years and pregnant ladies though.

Q14. Can I do an overnight desert safari if I have back pain problems?
Overnight desert camps involve sleeping on mattresses on the ground which may be uncomfortable for those with chronic back pain or arthritis. Opt for short evening safaris instead. Carry your medication if needed.

Q15. Is alcohol included in desert safari dinner packages?
No, most standard packages do not include alcohol in the buffet dinner menu. But some camps may allow purchasing alcohol separately from the bar at extra cost. Confirm this beforehand if required.

Q16. Can I carry my DSLR camera for desert photography?
Yes, carrying your DSLR or action camera like GoPro is recommended to capture the desert landscapes beautifully. Tripods, selfie sticks, cords, extra batteries etc prove useful but avoid expensive gear.

Q17. What is the best phone network for desert safari Dubai?
Etisalat network generally has better connectivity in Dubai’s desert compared to Du network. Confirm with your tour operator the nearest mobile tower and network availability. Carry power banks as back up.

Q18. Can pregnant women go for Dubai desert safari?
Many tour operators do not recommend desert safari for pregnant ladies owing to potential health risks. Although some may allow expectant mothers at their discretion till 6 months pregnancy with signed waiver forms. Check with doctor too.

Q19. Will there be Arabic music during desert safari dinner?
Yes, most desert camps play a mix of Arabic and global pop music in the background. Some have live performances by musicians and DJs. Confirm inclusions with your tour operator.

Q20. What should I wear for desert dune bashing?
Wear comfortable T-shirts, jeans, shorts or quick-dry sportswear for dune bashing. Avoid short skirts and heels. Carry sunglasses, cap/hat, jacket or sweater for cooler evenings. Wrap a scarf to prevent dust inhalation.

Key Takeaways

  • Evening desert safari prices range from ₹2000-4000 per person
  • Overnight desert safari prices range from ₹4000-7000 per person
  • Total per person budget is ₹5000-12000 factoring meals, transport, etc.
  • Book online 2-3 days in advance for lowest prices
  • Prefer morning safaris, avoid weekends and peak seasons
  • Customize inclusions to control safari package costs
  • Reputable tour operators emphasize on quality and safety


The Dubai desert safari offers a magical Arabian nights experience in the beautiful sandy vistas coupled with cultural performances, Arabic cuisine and regional attractions.

Priced affordably between ₹2000-7000 per person, the evening and overnight desert safari packages can be booked conveniently online via verified local tour operators while optimizing costs.

Following guidelines around ideal duration, departure times, booking channels, inclusions etc. allows customizing your desert adventure based on preferences and budget.

So embrace your inner wanderlust spirit, and make wonderful memories gliding atop the marvelous golden Arabian dunes!

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