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Is Dubai safari free for senior citizens?

Dubai is a popular tourist destination, known for its modern architecture, luxury experiences, and desert safaris. As an elderly traveler, you may be wondering – is Dubai safari free for senior citizens?

Is Dubai safari free for senior citizens?

Safety and accessibility

Dubai takes pride in being disability and age-friendly. There are strict laws prohibiting discrimination based on age or ability. Venues and transport providers make reasonable provisions to accommodate elderly and disabled visitors.

Desert safari tours involve driving over sandy dunes in 4×4 vehicles. As this activity requires physical fitness, check if a tour operator can make special arrangements for elderly travelers before booking. When planned responsibly, seniors can enjoy dune bashing just as much as their younger counterparts!

Cost of desert safaris

Most desert safaris are paid activities, ranging anywhere from AED 150-800 per person based on the duration and inclusions. Providers do provide discounts for senior citizens on select packages. The key factors are:

  • Time of day – Sunset or overnight tours tend to be more expensive than morning/evening safaris
  • Inclusions – Camel rides, quad biking, dinner, shows etc. add to the pricing
  • Group size – Smaller groups are charged higher per head

While there are no free desert safari tours, many operators offer discounted rates for travelers above 60 years of age. Some may even allow free cancellation or date changes. Enquire beforehand about such policies.

Free or lower-cost desert activities

If you wish to experience the Arabian desert without spending much, consider these options:

  • Take a trip to the Al Khaznah at Al Ula resort. Entry is free for visitors above 60 years.
  • Visit the sand dunes at Margham desert – no entrance fees apply.
  • Enjoy a peaceful desert sunset view from Qasr Al Sarab resort. They offer discounted rates for elderly guests.

In this way, seniors have plenty of chances to enjoy Dubai’s desert scenery without needing to pay for touristy safari tours.

Booking dubai desert safari as a senior citizen

Here are some tips for seniors to book enjoyable and safe desert safari tours:

  • Inform the tour provider about any medical conditions, dietary needs etc. beforehand
  • Compare prices of age-discounted packages across reputed operators like Arabian Adventures, Platinum Heritage etc.
  • Read reviews online to gauge safety, accommodations etc. provided to elderly travelers
  • Enquire about cancellation/rebooking flexibility in case of any last minute changes
  • Carry any required medicines, walking support equipment, identification documents etc.

With some preparation, Dubai desert safaris prove to be thrilling, cultural experiences for senior citizens. Operators go out of their way to customize tours as per comfort and accessibility needs.

Key takeaways

  • Dubai strictly prohibits age-based discrimination and makes venues/transport disability & age-friendly.
  • Desert safari tours require fitness. Ensure operators can customize experiences for seniors before booking.
  • Most Dubai desert safaris charge fees, but provide discounts for travelers over 60 years. Free cancellation policies may also apply.
  • Seniors have options like Al Khaznah, Margham Dunes, Qasr Al Sarab resort etc. to experience desert scenery without needing a paid safari.
  • When booking desert safaris, inform staff about medical/dietary needs early on. Compare discounted tour rates across age-friendly operators.


Dubai offers fun, adventurous and cultural desert tour options for seniors too. While desert safaris are usually paid activities, many reputed tour companies provide special discounts and customizations for elderly visitors. With some preparation on medical needs, safety precautions and booking flexibility, seniors can make the most of Arabian desert experiences just like any other traveler.

Beyond desert safaris, Dubai has several free/lower-cost destinations like Al Ula, Margham and Qasr Al Sarab for 60+ tourists to immerse in the emirate’s unique landscapes. Keeping local accessibility laws in mind, the Dubai trip proves to be enjoyable across ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is sand bashing or dune bashing possible for senior citizens in Dubai?
    Yes, with assistance and customized vehicles. Reputed tour operators like Arabian Adventures have specially trained staff and modified 4×4 vehicles to offer comfortable, safe dune bashing even for tourists with limited mobility or fitness levels.

  2. What kind of discounts can senior residents expect on Dubai desert safari tours?
    Discounts average around 20-30% for travelers above 60 years of age. Multi-activity overnight packages may go down from AED 300 per person to AED 250. Evening desert safaris may reduce from AED 200 to AED 150.

  3. Are quad biking and camel rides riskier for seniors?
    Potentially, yes. Operators do provide guides and protective gear, but these activities need relatively good balance and stamina. Check your fitness levels or consult doctors before choosing such add-ons. More comfortable dune bashing vehicles, photo stops etc. can serve as safer alternatives.

  4. Can elderly people easily get in/out of 4×4 cars used for dune bashing?
    Drivers assist passengers during every embark/disembark. For those needing more assistance, special ramps, harnesses and vehicle modifications facilitate easier transfer even with limited mobility. Beckon guides for help moving across trickier sandy surfaces as well.

  5. Do tour companies allow wheelchair/equipment assistance on desert safaris?
    Yes, with prior notice. Inform staff about mobility equipment or assistive devices needed during booking. Companies like Arabian Adventures have wheelchairs onsite and vehicles with specialized lifts. Extra helpers may also accompany your tour for additional assistance.

  6. Can seniors freely cancel or reschedule desert safari bookings?
    Check cancellation policies while booking, especially for bespoke private tours. Typically, operators allow rescheduling or refunds up to 24 hours in advance. Some may permit changes closer to visit as well. Precise policies depend on company and package.

  7. How can Dubai desert tours be customized for elderly travelers?
    Based on needs, tour timings, durations and activities can be adjusted. Meal choices, seating arrangements, hotel/camp pick-ups etc. can be prioritized as well. Communicating medical, language or accessibility needs beforehand enables better customization.

  8. Are there mandatory medical tests neededĀ for seniors to enjoy Dubai desert safaris?
    No mandatory tests, but do consult your doctor before finalizing bookings. Check if any precautionary measures are needed considering chronic conditions, blood pressure changes, g-force impacts etc. Operators can customize experiences further if they are aware of health needs.

  9. Which items are advisable for elderly travelers to carry during Dubai desert trips?
    Carry any regular medications, walking/vision aids, sturdy shoes, hats, sunglasses and creams for sun-protection. Layers of clothing for changing temperatures, small backpacks instead of handbags and fully charged phones/devices come in handy too during such outdoor sightseeing tours.

  10. Are restroom facilities readily available during Dubai desert safaris?
    Yes, trained guides schedule sufficient rest stops at clean washrooms along the route. Overnight desert camps also have dedicated restrooms offering full wheelchair access. Special medical considerations can be discussed upfront as well.

  11. Do Dubai desert camps accommodate diet restrictions?
    Yes, inform staff beforehand about medical or religious dietary limitations like diabetes, allergies or religious restrictions. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, halal options etc. can be arranged by most camps and tour providers.

  12. Can seniors freely explore facilities at desert camps or are restrictions imposed?
    Guides accompany travelers for activities like camel interactions or camp area walks as they navigate uneven sandy terrain. Based on health factors, seniors can discuss restrictions, necessary precautions etc. during initial tour planning.

  13. Can elderly tourists book part-day Dubai desert safari tours?
    Half-day morning or evening desert tours best suit seniors wanting to avoid very hot afternoons or longovernight stays. Pickup/drop-off timings, activity pacing etc. can be discussed as well. Light adventure options like scenic dune views, camel photos make these short tours ideal.

  14. What emergency/support provisions do Dubai desert tour operators have for seniors?
    Licensed companies have medic teams and evacuation processes for medical emergencies even in remote desert zones. Tour vehicles also carry oxygen cylinders, first aid equipment etc. Support staff have geriatric first response training as well.

  15. Do elderly travelers need to show COVID vaccination proof for Dubai desert safaris?
    As per latest Dubai entry laws, senior visitors from most countries no longer need to present vaccine certificates, COVID tests etc. Confirmed protocols will be shared during your tour booking process. Carry valid ID/passport copies during travel regardless.

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