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Is Dubai safari safe for kids?

Dubai is known for its extravagant experiences, including desert safaris. These thrilling excursions take visitors through awe-inspiring sand dunes in SUV vehicles. With daring dune bashing and evening entertainments, desert safaris appeal to all ages. However, parents reasonably ponder if Dubai safaris are safe options for kids.

Is Dubai safari safe for kids?

Safety first

Reputable tour operators in Dubai prioritize passenger safety, especially for child visitors. They provide well-maintained vehicles driven by skilled drivers trained to navigate volatile desert conditions. Knowledgeable guides educate passengers on safari protocols and ensure seat belts are fastened. Operators only permit dune bashing within reasonable limits based on passengers’ comfort levels.

Child-friendly excursions

Many Dubai desert safari packages cater specifically to families with young children. These tours often feature less intense dune bashing suited to little ones. Kids also enjoy camel rides and sandboarding under supervision. At safari camps, children delight in entertainments like Tanoura dancing and henna tattooing. Specialty family packages allow parents and kids to experience the desert magic comfortably.

Critical supervision

While safaris are mostly safe for children in Dubai, proper adult supervision is still essential. Dune terrain can shift unpredictably, occasionally causing vehicles to slide. Therefore, parents should monitor kids closely during driving and activities like sandboarding. Camel handlers should guide children on rides. Following safety precautions and remaining vigilant will keep kids secure during exciting desert days.

Unique adventures

Under proper precautions by parents and guides, a Dubai desert safari offers a unique, child-friendly adventure in an Arabian desert. Safaris allow kids to discover camel rides, sand dunning, astronomy nights, falconry displays, delicious barbecue dinners, Tanoura dancing, henna artistry, and more. Making memories together in Dubai’s beautiful sandy vistas creates lasting bonds through magical shared experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Reputable Dubai tour operators prioritize passenger safety with well-maintained vehicles and skilled, trained drivers.
  • Many family-friendly desert safari packages feature less intense thrills tailored for kids alongside entertainments they enjoy.
  • While mostly safe for children, proper adult supervision is still essential during dune driving and activities.
  • With appropriate guidance and precautions, desert safaris promise unique, child-friendly adventures families cherish.


Dubai desert safaris undoubtedly provide exciting experiences for visitors of all ages when handled responsibly. While their adventurous nature gives some parents of young children pause, reputable tour operators prioritize passenger safety through secure provisions. Under proper supervision, safaris stand as unique, memory-making excursions families can treasure. With sound precautions by caring guides, adrenaline dashes through soaring dunes, illusions in burning sands, and Arabian nights under celestial skies entrance kids and parents alike. Ensuring kids’ welfare remains paramount, desert safaris usher loved ones together into an ageless Arabian fairy tale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the minimum age for kids to go on a Dubai desert safari?
A: Most tour operators allow children ages 3 and up on desert safaris. However, very small children may not find lengthy bumpy dune driving or activities enjoyable. Ages 5+ is ideal.

Q: Do tour companies provide car seats or seat belts for kids on safaris?
A: Yes, reputable tour operators provide secure seat belts for all passengers and anchor car seats for infants if requested upfront.

Q: What activities do kids enjoy most on Dubai desert safaris?
A: Popular favorites include dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, getting henna tattoos, trying Emirati customs like shisha and Arabic dresses, stargazing, falcon interactions.

Q: How can parents keep kids safe on desert safaris?
A: Closely supervise children during driving and activities. Follow guides’ safety precautions. Remind children to remain seated and buckled during driving. Oversee interactions with camels.

Q: Do tour companies offer specialty family or kid-focused desert safari packages?
A: Yes, many operators offer family packages with less intense thrills tailored for kids alongside more child-centric entertainments at camps.

Q: Is it safe for kids with health conditions like asthma to go on Dubai desert safaris?
A: Generally not recommended due to heat, dust and activity intensity unless mild conditions. Inform tour operators upfront of any health issues.

Q: Can parents request less intense dune bashing for kids?
A: Yes, communicate desired intensity levels beforehand so operators select routes accordingly. Drivers modulate thrills based on passengers’ comfort.

Q: What snacks, food or drinks help kids enjoy desert safaris?
A: Pack water bottles, salty snacks to replenish electrolytes, ginger candies to ease motion sickness, favorite treats for comfort.

Q: What should kids wear on Dubai desert safaris?
A: Light, loose modest clothing for heat and sun protection plus closed-toe shoes for stability in sand. Add layers for evening.

Q: Can parents purchase souvenirs for kids at desert camps?
A: Yes, camps sell small toys and Emirati keepsakes. Some provide kids activity packs or gifts with family packages.

Q: Do tour companies offer private desert safaris just for families?
A: Yes, many operators provide private family-exclusive versions with personalized driving routes and activities catering specifically to kids.

Q: Can parents bring car seats, strollers or baby carriers on safaris?
A: Yes, communicate needs beforehand. Operators accommodate infant provisions like car seats, carriers, portable cribs. Most don’t permit strollers in vehicles.

Q: Are there shaded play areas for kids at desert camps?
A: Yes, camps include large covered lounging spaces plus some offer small playgrounds onsite with play equipment to entertain kids.

Q: How can families save money on Dubai desert safaris?
A: Booking online upfront yields best rates. Multi-activity packages offer more value. Consider budget group tours in low season.

Q: What tips help parents photograph kids on safaris?
A: Utilize golden hour light pre-sunset, shoot at eye level, capture expressions during activities, dress kids brightly to stand out against desert backdrop.

Q: Do operators provide safety protocols for kids ahead of time?
A: Reputable companies detail safety precautions and supervisory responsibilities for child passengers via websites, with confirmation booklets or through representative consultations.

Q: How can parents entertain antsy kids during long safari driving portions?
A: Pack tablet loaded with games and movies, play I Spy pointing out desert sights, sing songs together, spot animals, take silly selfies.

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