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LIWA DESERT - A Complete Feature


The desert life is very different from what we see in the city lights. Liwa desert is one of the most adventurous deserts in all UAE. A trip to the United Arab Emirates gives tourists the golden opportunity to witness the vast expanse of the desert. Beyond the sun and desert lies the mysterious life of the desert. Yes! Even amidst the scorching sun, life continues to thrive building a culture of its own. The United Arab Emirates is a sterling example of the interesting life in the desert and how it can be a wonderful experience.

Moving on LIWA, let’s take you through the history of the place. LIWA is not just any other oasis on the map. It houses more than 50 different villages. In fact, this oasis leaves an important and indelible mark on the geography of the beautiful city of Dubai. LIWA is the original home of royalty that rule the cities of the United Arab of Emirates. Yes! The present ruling family was originally based in LIWA and in 1973, they moved to the current capital, Abu Dhabi. Needless to say, traces of this royalty can be seen even today.

Therefore, a visit to Dubai is incomplete without going through the beautiful oasis of LIWA.


In the past, the oasis was where communities travelling through the desert hoped to find water and of course their own kind for any help that was needed. Oasis was where people set their livelihood simply because this is the one place where they were sure to find water and fertility in the land. The LIWA Oasis is located on the 100 Km off the south of Persian Gulf and shares its boundaries with Saudi Arabia as well as Abu Dhabi. For the locals, this oasis is the Southernmost settlement of Abu Dhabi.


There was a time when the only connectivity to the oasis was through the rugged travel in the desert. But now times have improved. Today, you have state of the art multilane highways connecting the LIWA oasis to the important centres in Abu Dhabi. Therefore traveling to this part of the country is not at all difficult.

Liwa desert safari (Day tour and Overnight)
The LIWA desert safari is a complete tour package which includes sightseeing, transport to the desert, a slice of the desert life, camp bonfires, and a lot more. There are two options to choose from. For those who are on a short tour, we would recommend the day tour. But if you have the time spare, take the night tour as it includes sightseeing and stay at the desert. The accommodation is in a beautiful tent which in itself is a unique experience. At an additional cost, users can also include more activities in their routine. Visit to Qasr Al Sarab, car museum and other landmark sites are also included in the tour. For a taste of luxury, we recommend the dune buggies ride at LIWA. You can also participate in the Bedouin camps where the elements are carefully integrated to give the traveller a unique experience of the desert.

Things to do in Liwa Desert

Dune bashing

If snow clad mountains offer you a chance to ski, the desert has its own share of dune bashing sure to entice the adventure seekers on the tour. You can include dune bashing as part of your tour package.

Length of desert

We have already told you that LIWA is an oasis. This means it is surrounded by desert on all sides. Though the desert is located in Abu Dhabi its area spreads to as far as Saudi Arabia. What this means is that the desert is long and therefore has a lot to offer for the travellers to see.

Adventure factors

The desert may look mundane at first sight. But look beyond and you will be surprised to see the interesting options that the landscape throws across. Leave aside the sightseeing and emerge in a little adventure during your trip to the beautiful desert. From quad bike riding to dune bashing, there are a lot of activities that you can indulge in on a daily basis.

These adventure activities are not a part of the regular package. However, at an additional cost, users can ask for these activities to be added to their itinerary. This is easy and barely takes a few minutes.

Sand boarding

Another interesting desert adventure activity, sand boarding is for the people who like to savour the beauty of the desert from a different viewpoint which of course involves sailing through the sand. In the desert, sand boarding is a common habit. When done under the experts supervision, the activity is absolutely safe and quite a thrill. So, go ahead what are you waiting for? Join the bandwagon of adventure travellers today.


There are many resorts in and around LIWA. Depending on the type of budget that you can spare, choosing a good accommodation option is easy. All the details are easily available on the web and so exploring the options is not at all time consuming.

The resorts are packed with a series of facilities. This includes well furnished rooms with dining options and other facilities like swimming pools, etc. that keep the guests entertained. This in turn ensures that they enjoy a fabulous stay at the resort and step out rejuvenated from the vacation. Qasr Al Sarab is amongst the recently completed five star resorts in the region.

Car museum

The United Arab Emirates is home to some of the finest automobiles. In addition to the world class cars on the highway, when you are on the trip to this part of the world, make sure to spare time to visit the car museum. This is the place that houses automobiles of all types. So, you will find vintage and modern, all under one roof. The visit to the museum is free. For automobile lovers, this is the chance to witness the history and evolution of cars. Everything from how it came to what it is today is depicted beautifully in this desert car museum.

Tal Moreeb

Another site located close to the LIWA oasis is the Tal Moreeb. Situated on a hill top, this is the place for organised drag racing. At 300 meters height, this is amongst the highest sand hills in the world so a visit here is an experience that you are sure to cherish for a lifetime. In Arabic, the very name translates to mean the scary mountain indicating that this is not the place for the faint hearted. The region is located 22 km from the centre of the desert.


We all live in concrete homes these days. But, in the past life was not such. There were no tents. In fact, in the desert, the caravans never had permanent homes, you always had to move out in search of water, resource and all the other things. However, today things are different. People have technology to rely on. As part of the LIWA desert tour, you can opt for accommodation in the tents to step back into time and relive the desert royalty era.

These tents are packed with all the basic facilities to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable stay. In fact, you can opt for the different types of tents, depending on whether you are willing to stay in a budget accommodation plan or a luxurious stay facility. Talk to the executives to get more details on how to make the most of your stay in the desert tents.

Quad bikes at LIWA

Adventure lovers like to do more than just travel to the place, isn’t it? For those who thought that the LIWA desert does not offer anything beyond the ordinary desert tours, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. The desert is a land of opportunities and offers a lot more than just plain sightseeing. Even for the adventure lovers, there is a lot more than savouring the beauty of the desert. Yes! If you want to experience the adrenaline rush, we recommend trying the quad bikes at LIWA.

For those who are not familiar with these bikes, we suggest doing a little research and figuring out what it is all about. These bikes are exclusively designed for the rugged desert terrain. Thanks to their body and built, these bikes offer excellent support when the rider uses them to navigate through the desert. Here again, it is important for the visitors to note that these bikes are not available in LIWA. However, when visitors choose to include them in their tour package, these bikes are exclusively transported to the desert.

Highest Dunes at UAE

The LIWA desert is home to some beautiful sand dunes. Some of these dunes hold the record of being the highest in the entire country. One visit to the LIWA desert gives you a chance to experience the beauty of the desert. In fact, it is a completely new aspect of the desert that is ought to refresh your mind.

Qars Al Sarab

Located in the heart of the desert, this area is best described as the reminiscent of what was once the greatness of the desert civilisation. Seeing this gives you an idea of what the desert life was once like. In fact, this is the place where you get to acknowledge the evolution of the desert life.

The architecture, food and culture are all like a time travelling machine that take you back to an era which you would fondly cherish. All LIWA tours include a visit to the prestigious Qars Al Sarab. Navigating through the desert is easy and with the expert tour planning services by us, this is really easy.

Attractions nearby

There are plenty of good place near the desert that can be included in your tour to LIWA. You can take the ride to Fort and other beautiful places in the surrounding areas. For instance, there are dunes nearby from where you can catch up on an interesting view of the city as the night lights dazzle. Then you have the car museum home to some of the finest automobiles in the region. If you are fond of enjoying the wildlife, there is a beautiful sanctuary nearby. Previously a collection of the Sheikh, this sanctuary is now open to public and houses some of the rare species of the region.

Events at LIWA desert

Life at the desert is a far cry from boring. In fact, it is quite interesting and one visit to the LIWA desert proves this point. If you opt for the overnight stay, you can actually be a part of the exquisite desert style safari which also includes a cultural programs and a series of other options that guarantee to keep you entertained.

There are other events also scheduled as part of their tour. For more details on these events, it is important to stay in touch with our executives. Additionally, you can also look for events scheduled in the nearby hotels and resorts.

Plan your trip today

Now that you know the details, plan yourself the perfect vacation by booking a trip to the beautiful LIWA desert. The booking process is extremely easy. All the packages are listed online so you can comfortably choose the option that best suits your requirements.

Even the length of your LIWA tour can be customised to suit your requirements. Depending on the amount of time that you can spare, the budget that you have and above all the activities that you wish to include, our executives will help you and your family plan a memorable trip to the LIWA desert.

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Only confusion occured with this overnight tour is that we thought we will stay in Bedouin camp. We didn’t read facts properly. It was a tent and well arranged. All tour was fun and “wowww” type adventure. We want to do it again after two years when we visit Abu Dhabi.

Tom Veil
Date: June 5, 2017
Liwa Desert Safari