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What is the duration of desert safari?

Desert safaris are popular excursions into the desert landscapes surrounding major cities in the Middle East. These guided tours take visitors away from the skyscrapers and into the tranquil sandy vistas of the Arabian desert. Desert safaris offer a unique opportunity to experience Bedouin culture, cuisine, folk dances, sandboarding, camel rides, falconry displays, star gazing, and more.

What is the duration of desert safari?

The duration of a desert safari tour can vary depending on the exact itinerary and attractions included. However, most standard desert safari experiences last between 4 to 6 hours.

Duration Breakdown of a Typical Desert Safari

A typical desert safari schedule may look like this:

  • Afternoon pickup: Most desert safaris will pick visitors up from their hotel or pre-arranged meeting point between 2:30 pm to 4 pm. This allows time to reach the desert before sunset.
  • Dune bashing: The desert vehicle will take visitors out to the open sand dunes outside the city. Drivers then perform “dune bashing” where they drive up and down the steep sandy hills at high speeds. This rollercoaster-like ride lasts around 20-30 minutes.
  • Camel riding and sandboarding: Visitors then have the chance to enjoy camel rides, sandboarding down dunes, getting photographed in traditional Arabian dress, and experimenting with falconry. These activities may last 1-2 hours total.
  • Sunset views: No desert safari is complete without watching the sunset over the sandy horizon. Visitors are brought to an ideal panoramic spot to watch the golden sunset. This may last around 30-45 minutes.
  • Barbecue dinner: As darkness sets across the desert, visitors are treated to a fireside barbecue dinner featuring Middle Eastern cuisine with vegetarian options available. Dinner may last from 30 minutes up to 1.5 hours.
  • Entertainment: After dinner, visitors are entertained with lively music, dancing, and even tanoura whirling dervish shows. This may last 1-2 hours.
  • Return and dropoff: Vehicles return visitors back to the city, with drop-off happening between 8:30 pm up until 10 pm.

So in total, the standard desert safari experience lasts an average of 4 to 6 hours from afternoon pickup until evening drop-off. Tour durations may vary a bit depending on the additional attractions offered and how long dinner entertainment lasts. Travelers should plan for desert safaris to be full half-day experiences.

Booking Different Desert Safari Durations

While 6 hours is standard, some desert safari operators offer shorter or longer tours:

  • Morning desert safaris (2-3 hours): Morning desert safari options pick up visitors earlier and take them into the desert to watch the sunrise, spot wildlife, off-road drive over dunes, and take photos. As they skip the evening festivities, these morning safaris are much shorter in duration.
  • Overnight desert safaris (12+ hours): For an even more immersive experience, overnight safari options keep visitors in the desert into the late hours for stargazing, camping, and sleeping under the stars. Tourists return back to the city in the morning. Overnight safaris can last 12 hours or longer.
  • City combo safaris (6-8 hours): Some longer desert safaris include time in the afternoon or morning before/after for sightseeing around Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc. These city combo safaris blend a desert safari with major attractions.

When booking a desert safari, travelers should check if they want a standard 6 hour evening safari or prefer a shorter morning trip or extended overnight camping excursion. Tour booking details should list expected start/end times and duration. Reach out to providers with any questions about desert safari length and timing.

Key Factors Impacting Duration

Several variables during a desert safari can shorten or extend the total experience duration:

  • Group size – More participants means longer boarding times and waits at attractions. Larger groups extend durations.
  • Add-on activities and experiences – Unique additions like indoor skiing, falcon encounters, etc can lengthen total time.
  • Drive time to/from city – How far into the desert the safari goes impacts drive lengths.
  • Dinner length – Quick 30 minute meals versus longer multi-course meals with entertainment influence overall duration.
  • Seasonal daylight times – More daylight in summer means safaris can start later and still fit activities in before dark.

Check the fine print of desert safari durations as they often represent estimates subject to vary based on seasons, crowds, unique events, and driving distances needed to reach remote desert areas. Don’t book tight plans for right before/after. Build in buffers around the approximate trip lengths.

Making the Most of the Experience

Desert safaris aim to squeeze as many cool experiences into their half day durations as possible. Be sure to:

  • Bring essentials like sunscreen, eye protection from dust, appropriate clothes, medications, fully charged devices, and cash for tips/souvenirs. Being prepared ensures you don’t waste any time.
  • Arrive early to your designated pick up spot so the tour starts on schedule. Delays collecting all participants from hotels can shorten the total desert activities.
  • Limit alcohol during dinner as overdoing it can lead some tourists to need to leave early. Stay responsible so you experience everything.

By properly preparing for desert safaris and allowing enough time in your itinerary for the average 4-6 hour duration, you’ll get to fully experience sunset vistas, dune bashing thrills, falcon encounters, fireside feasts, tanoura dancing, and cultural immersion. Adequately planning for the duration enables maximizing these bucket list Arabian desert excursions.

Key Takeaway: Most desert safari tours last 4-6 hours roundtrip. Depending on add-ons and group sizes, some may be slightly shorter or longer. Check tour details closely and build appropriate buffers into your schedule around the estimated start/end times. Properly prepare for spending half a day immersed in Bedouin culture under the Arabian desert stars.


Desert safaris provide unforgettable opportunities to experience Arab hospitality, cuisine, traditions, entertainment, wildlife encounters, desert panoramas, and thrilling activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, quad biking, and more. Standard evening desert safari tours span 4-6 hours from afternoon pickup to late night drop-off. Morning, overnight, and city combo safari variants may be 2-3 hours, 12+ hours, or 6-8 hours in order fit in sunrise views, stargazing, and sightseeing respectively. Trip duration depends on group sizes, dinner lengths, driving distances far into the desert, seasonal daylight times, and extra add-on activities too. Understanding the approximate desert safari schedule and duration allows properly planning your trip itinerary so you don’t miss out on magical desert moments. With eyes gazing upon golden sand dunes, adrenaline pumping from rollercoaster inclines, bracing smiles during brisk camel rides, and embracing local culture through henna, garb, and dances, desert safari memories will last far beyond the half day spent living among Arabian legends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How early should you book a desert safari in advance?
A: Book 1-2 weeks in advance for best rates and availability. Last minute bookings can still be accommodated but may have fewer tour/hotel pick up options.

Q: What is the best time of day to schedule a desert safari?
A: Standard sunset desert safaris starting in the mid-afternoon (2 pm – 4 pm pickups) are best for ideal lighting during dune bashing and catching golden hour sunset panoramas. Cooler temperature evenings are also more comfortable.

Q: Are desert safaris safe for kids?
A: Most desert safaris allow kids ages 5 and up. Ensure seat belts worn during dune bashing. Camel rides have age/height requirements. Overall kid-friendly activitiesmake safaris safe multigenerational trips under proper supervision.

Q: Can you do a desert safari if you are pregnant?
A: Avoid dune bashing rides if easily motion sick when expecting. Stay hydrated and listen to body limits. Consult doctor for health guidance. Most other safari aspects are gentle activities safe during pregnancy.

Q: Do you need a visa to go on desert safari day trips from Dubai?
A: If already admitted to the UAE with a valid Dubai visa, desert safaris can be booked as day tours not requiring added visas regardless of nationality. Show valid ID.

Q: How should you dress for desert safari tours?
A: Light, loose long sleeve shirts, pants, closed toe shoes with secure straps, hats/headscarfs. Neutral colors that don’t show dust. Modest options respecting local culture. Jackets for potential evening chill.

Q: Can people with disabilities go on desert safaris?
A: Review accessibility with tour operators beforehand. Dune bashing may be prohibited. Camels allow wheelchair transfers. Disability friendly vehicles, reduced rates, and accommodated assistance may be available.

Q: Is it better to do Abu Dhabi or Dubai desert safari?
A: Dubai has more intense dune bashing while Abu Dhabi offers greater cultural immersion and stargazing views. Combine both cities for contrasting desert experiences.

Q: Do I need cash for tipping on desert safari?
A: Cash tips customary for drivers and servers. Have small bills ready. Atms/credit cards not available in desert. Souvenir stall vendors take both.

Q: Is it OK to go on a desert safari while fasting?
A: Yes. Safari providers cater to Ramadan observers with later, fast-friendly schedules and Iftar dinners. Non-fasters eat earlier separately. Respect rules.

Q: Can you drink alcohol on desert safaris?
A: Yes, many desert camps serve alcohol with dinner. But consume responsibly as excess drinking combined with dune bashing motion sickness and dehydration poses safety risks.

Q: What is difference between evening and overnight desert safaris?
An evening safari returns you to city by night’s end while overnight options have you sleep under the stars after late night music and entertainment. Overnights cost more but offer stargazing.

Q: How cold does desert get at night during safari?
A: Deserts can drop to 50°F/10°C overnight in winter. In summer still hot over 80 F even late night. Check forecast and bring layers for potential evening chill during colder months.

Q: Will I get service/wifi in the desert on my phone?
A: Expect limited cell service and no wifi in remote desert areas. Turn phone to airplane mode to save battery for photos. Hotspots sometimes available at camps. Share experiences in real time later.

Q: Is quad biking allowed on desert safaris?
A: Some desert safari packages offer add-on quad biking sessions lasting 30-60 minutes under supervision of trained instructors following safety protocols. Exciting way to explore desert dunes.

Q: Can I customize or upgrade my desert safari?
A: Yes, providers offer premium add-ons like falcon interactions, henna tattoos, longer quad biking, private tables, limo transfers, photography packages and more. Inquire about customizing your ideal VIP desert experience.

Q: Will I need a 4×4 vehicle for desert safari pick up?
A: No. Reliable air conditioned 4×4 vehicles like Land Cruisers expertly operated by safari drivers conduct hotel pickups and handle all desert terrain. Groups ride together. No self driving into desert.

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