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What is the Liwa event in 2024?

The Liwa event in 2024 refers to the Liwa Date Festival, an annual festival held in Liwa Oasis in the United Arab Emirates. The festival celebrates the date harvest in the region and features camel races, handicraft markets, folk performances, and other cultural activities.

What is the Liwa event in 2024?

When and where does the Liwa event take place?

The Liwa Date Festival typically takes place during the date harvest season from mid-July to early August each year. The 2024 event is expected to follow a similar timeline.

The festival is held in the Liwa Oasis, an area around 150 km south of Abu Dhabi city. The key festival grounds are located in Madinat Zayed near the Tal Moreeb dune.

History and significance

The Liwa Festival first began in 1989 as a small event to celebrate the date harvest in Liwa. It has since grown into a major festival recognized nationally and even internationally.

The event holds great cultural and economic significance for the region. It provides an opportunity for farmers and date producers to market their high-quality dates. Culturally, the festival showcases Emirati heritage and traditional crafts.

Camel racing is also deeply rooted in Emirati tradition, and Liwa features some of the country’s top camel races.

What to expect at the 2024 event

Based on previous editions, visitors can expect the following key highlights at Liwa Date Festival 2024:

Camel racing and competitions: Liwa hosts camel races including the Mahbab Cup race for hybrid camels. There are also events like camel milking and camel decoration competitions.

Handicraft and shopping: The festival features a large handicraft market selling traditional items like woven baskets, carpets, jewelry etc. The dates harvested in Liwa are also sold.

Cultural performances and folk dances: Colorful parades, music, and folk dances representing UAE’s traditional culture are showcased.

Date boxes on display: Intricately decorated date boxes are displayed as part of a competition. Visitors can taste and buy dates packed in these boxes.

Evening carnival: An evening carnival is set up with funfair rides, arcade games, food kiosks and live entertainment.

Camping and dune bashing: Many visitors camp out at dedicated areas around Liwa. Adventurous activities like dune bashing in SUVs are also popular.

Tips for attendees

If you are planning to attend the Liwa Date Festival in 2024, keep these tips in mind:

  • Book accommodations in Madinat Zayed well in advance since hotels tend to sell out. Consider camping options too.
  • Dress appropriately for the hot, dry desert climate. Light cotton clothes along with hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are advisable.
  • Confirm event timings and schedules since these can change based on weather conditions.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks, especially if watching camel races or dune bashing.
  • Respect local traditions and dress codes when visiting festival grounds and markets.
  • For photography, always ask permission first when taking pictures of people.
  • Ensure your vehicle has reliable traction, tires, etc. if you plan to drive over desert dunes.

Safety and accessibility

The Liwa festival prioritizes visitor safety and accessibility. Emergency medical staff are present at the grounds. Mosques, rest areas and wheelchair access are provided.

Festival information is displayed in both English and Arabic. Staff or volunteers can assist non-Arabic speakers if language is a barrier.

Dune bashing, camping and other adventures should only be undertaken with experienced guides and companies. Always wear seat belts in vehicles.

Key takeaways

  • The Liwa Date Festival is an annual cultural event to celebrate date harvests and Emirati heritage. The 2024 edition will take place mid-July to early August.
  • It features camel racing, handicraft markets, cultural performances and adventurous recreational activities like dune bashing.
  • The festival has great economic and cultural significance for UAE, providing income for farmers and showcasing local traditions.
  • Visitors planning to attend should book early, dress appropriately for the climate, confirm schedules, bring food/water and respect local dress codes and customs.
  • Safety is a priority with medical facilities, wheelchair access, and multilingual staff on site. Adventurous activities should only be done through recognized guides.


Q: Who organizes the Liwa festival?
A: The festival is organized by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority along with municipalities in the Al Dhafra region of UAE.

Q: How many visitors does Liwa festival attract annually?
A: In recent years, the festival has attracted over 120,000 visitors coming to enjoy Liwa’s events and tourist attractions.

Q: Are there hotel accommodations available in Liwa during the festival?
A: Yes, Madinat Zayed has hotels ranging from 5-star resorts to budget hotels. Visitors can also bring RVs and campers to stay in designated camping zones. Advance booking is highly recommended.

Q: What is the best mode of transportation to reach the Liwa festival?
A: Most visitors drive down by road from Abu Dhabi or Dubai which takes 2-3 hours. Some travel companies also organize direct bus transfers. Renting a car is best for getting around the festival grounds.

Q: What food options are there at the festival?
A: Numerous international and Emirati food stalls and mobile kiosks are set up. Camel milk and dates harvested from the region are local specialties.

Q: Do I need an entry ticket for Liwa festival?
A: Entry is free to the festival including the camel race track, handicraft market and cultural displays. Certain adventure activities and carnival rides may charge reasonable fees.

Q: Is Liwa festival family-friendly?
A: Yes, absolutely! With carnival rides, interactive workshops, cultural shows and camel selfie spots, there is plenty to keep kids entertained. However very young children may need protection from crowds.

Q: What is the best time of day to watch camel racing?
A: The early mornings just after sunrise are the coolest part of the day making it the best time to watch races. Races may be rescheduled midday in extremely hot temperatures.

Q: Can tourists participate in camel races at Liwa?
A: While tourists cannot directly register camels to race professionally, some operators offer ceremonial rides on camels alongside races. Tourists can also visit camel farms and interact with camels.

Q: Is it safe to drive over Liwa’s sand dunes?
A: Dune bashing is an adventurous sport but certain safety measures should be taken – always go with a professional guide in a suitable 4×4 vehicle, wear seatbelts, avoid dangerous maneuvers, etc.

Q: What is the best month for seeing dates harvested in Liwa?
A: The key date harvest season is from mid-July to early August when the festival is held. October is another harvesting period. Farms in Liwa house date palms producing over 30 popular date varieties!


The Liwa Date Festival provides the perfect glimpse into authentic Emirati heritage. In 2024, visitors can look forward to a vibrant celebration featuring camel races, handicraft bazaars, cuisine, cultural performances and more showcasing the best of the region.
Beyond the festivities, the stunning natural landscape of Liwa with its towering dunes is a highlight. Tourists flock to enjoy adventure activities while learning about traditions like date cultivation that have endured generations. By providing income and exposure for locals, the festival meaningfully connects modern visitors with Liwa’s past and future.


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