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Why is Desert Safari famous?

Desert safaris have become extremely popular tourist activities in desert regions around the world, but few match the fame and renown of Dubai Desert Safaris. From thrilling dune bashing to camel rides, lavish buffet meals under the stars to cultural shows, and sandboarding adventures to dedicated guides, Dubai desert safaris offer unique and unforgettable experiences that appeal to travelers of all ages.

Why is Desert Safari famous?

The deserts surrounding Dubai provide stunning landscapes unlike anywhere else on the planet. The towering amber dunes, ever-changing terrain, and deep orange hues of the Dubai desert at sunset create a profoundly beautiful backdrop that photos cannot fully capture. Paired with Arabian hospitality and UAE culture, Dubai desert safaris allow visitors to discover the legends, stories, foods, entertainment and heritage of Arabia in memorable style.

What makes Dubai desert safaris so famous?

Dubai’s desert safari fame stems from several key factors:

  • Thrilling dune bashing in luxury 4x4s – Skilled drivers take visitors on an adrenaline-filled rollercoaster ride over the iconic sand dunes surrounding Dubai. Special off-road vehicles fitted with safe roll cages allow riders to stand up and capture thrilling point-of-view footage as drivers maneuver the steep dunes.
  • Panoramic desert sunset views – Watching the sun sink below the dunes from a vantage viewpoint creates an incredibly peaceful and breathtaking desert panorama. The interplay of light and shadows on the rippled sands are especially stunning during Dubai’s famous golden hours at dusk and dawn.
  • Camel rides & sandboarding – Getting to stand atop a camel named “the ship of the desert” and trek through the iconic Dubai sand dunes makes for classic holiday photos. Sandboarding downhill adds extra exhilaration.
  • Lavish buffet dinner & entertainment – Arabic mezze appetizers, international dishes and decadent desserts under the stars create an iconic Dubai experience. After fueling up, audiences are wowed by enthralling Tanoura spinning and belly dancing shows.
  • Cultural insight & Arabic hospitality – Dedicated guides share legends about the desert while skilled henna artists decorate hands with intricate temporary tattoos. Chilled drinks and comfortable seating allow visitors to unwind atop rugs and low Arabian sofas for a peak inside Emirati traditions.
Attraction Description
Dune Bashing An exciting dune bashing ride in luxury 4×4 Land Cruisers withthrilling ascents, descents and turns
Camel Riding Trek through desert aboard the iconic “ship of the desert” for classicholiday photos
Sandboarding Strapping a snowboard to your feet and sliding/surfing down the towering amber sand dunes
Sunset Views Watch the stunning interplay of light and shadows during the golden hour at dusk
Cultural Shows Entrancing Tanoura spinning and belly dancing performances
Delicious BBQ Dinner Mouthwatering Arabic mezze, international dishes and desserts
Henna Artistry Intricate temporary henna tattoos decorated by skilled artists
Shisha Experience Try aromatic fruit-flavored tobacco from a traditional waterpipe under the stars
Arabic Hospitality Enjoy traditional Arabic seating and hospitality from dedicated guides

As this overview shows, Dubai desert safaris encompass experiences that stimulate all five senses, creating memories (and Instagram content!) that last a lifetime. From photography to cultural immersion, to cuisine and thrills, Dubai desert safaris showcase the best of Arabia.

The company Arabian Adventures pioneered Dubai’s first desert safaris in the 1980s. Their decades of expertise honing picture-perfect excursions set the standard for Dubai desert safari experiences. Award-winning itineraries, exceptional guides and drivers, comfortable vehicles, and responsible protocols cementing their market leadership to this day.

Yet several other top-quality tour organizers have followed in their footsteps. The deserts near Dubai offer endless horizons, so the compelling landscape allows multiple companies to thrive. When choosing between the many excellent Dubai desert safari providers, travelers should consider:


  • Are vehicles fitted with safe roll cages?
  • Do drivers have special off-road training and certifications?
  • Are COVID policies transparent?

Included Activities

  • What adventures are offered? Dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, cultural shows?
  • Is transportation included in pricing?
  • How long is the desert experience? Half-day or overnight?

Quality & Hospitality

  • What do online reviews say about guides and overall experience?
  • Is dinner in an Arabian tent or private camp?
  • How extensive are food, buffet and refreshment options?


  • Can hotel transfers be arranged?
  • Is pick-up/drop-off personalized based on location?
  • Can meals accommodate dietary restrictions?

While Arabian Adventures originated Dubai’s first forays into the desert, the glowing reputation of Desert Safari Dubai Group, Platinum Heritage, Rayna Tours and others demonstrate that multiple top-class excursions await. Various packages cater to travelers seeking thrills, luxury, culture and cuisine in the Dubai desert, making safaris a famous must-do when visiting the UAE.

Key Takeaways

  • Dubai desert safaris offer adventures stimulating all 5 senses for unforgettable memories
  • Dune bashing in 4x4s, camel rides & sandboarding provide thrills and Instagrammable moments
  • Watching desert sunsets and stargazing from camps create serenely beautiful panoramas
  • Cultural performances like Tanoura spinning mesmerize while dinner under the stars delights
  • Arabian hospitality from knowledgeable guides gives insights into local heritage and traditions
  • Choosing between excellent safari tour organizers depends on preferences for activities included
  • Dubai desert safaris entertain visitors across generations for the ultimate Arabian experience


With stirring landscapes, vibrant culture and nonstop activities, Dubai desert safari experiences create lifelong memories and reveal the soul of Arabia. As the original pioneers of Dubai desert adventures, Arabian Adventures sets the bar high with exceptional quality, hospitality and responsible protocols. Yet the soaring dunes blessing Dubai provide room for multiple top-tier tour organizers to follow in their footsteps. When choosing a desert safari provider, travelers should assess which activities, cuisine, transportation and flexibility match their preferences. From dune bashing, camel treks and cultural performances to lavish buffets and Arabian hospitality, first-class Dubai desert safaris showcase the best of the UAE for an iconic holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How did desert safaris become so famous in Dubai?
    Desert safaris originated in Dubai in the 1980s with Arabian Adventures pioneering well-organized dune driving and camp experiences. Their professional expertise set standards that allowed the compelling desert landscape, culture and cuisine to shine.
  1. What is the best desert safari in Dubai?
    As the original organizers, Arabian Adventures is still considered the best. But Desert Safari Dubai Group, Platinum Heritage, Rayna Tours and others also offer top-tier experiences. TripAdvisor reviews help travelers choose based on preferences.
  1. Why choose an overnight desert safari?
    Overnight safaris allow more time enjoy activities like archery, shisha, falconry displays or even a morning yoga class. Night-time stargazing and sunrise views are also more serene without other safari groups present.
  1. What should you wear for desert safari camel riding?
    Camel riding is done at a slow pace, so casual comfortable athletic shoes or sandals work well. Pants help guard legs from rubbing against the camel saddle. Bring a light jacket in case desert nights get chilly.
  1. Is desert safari dune bashing scary?
    Quality tour providers use vehicles with roll bars and professional drivers trained in off-roading for a thrilling but safe experience suitable for kids and elders too.
  1. Can kids go on Dubai desert safaris?
    Yes, most desert camps and tour organizers cater well to kids and multi-generational families. Kids love dune bashing, camel rides plus entertainment like belly dancing. Many activities like archery and dune surfing have age restrictions though.
  1. What should I wear for Dubai desert safari?
    Light cotton clothes, preferably long sleeve shirts and pants, are best to protect from sun and wind while keeping cool. Bring a jacket and scarf to stay cozy ifsensitive to dropping temperatures after dark.
  1. Is desert safari dinner vegetarian friendly?
    Yes, buffet spreads include plenty of vegetable dishes and carbs suitable for vegetarians and vegans. But do alert your tour guide about dietary needs
  1. What is included in a Dubai desert safari package?
    Typical inclusions are dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, henna & hubbly bubbly, plus a barbecue dinner and live entertainment. Some also offer quad biking, falconry, horse riding or yoga. Transfers and water/soft drinks are usually included too.
  1. How do you select the best desert safari in Dubai?
    Read reviews on tour itineraries, guides, drivers, vehicles, camps and food. Choose one matching your interest in adventure thrills, luxury touches, cuisine, photography and cultural immersion. Reputable names include Arabian Adventures, Platinum Heritage, Desert Safari Dubai.
  1. Is it better to do a desert safari at noon or sunset?
    Sunsets and evenings are more popular for the beautiful golden light illuminating dunes. Days can get very hot. Morning or overnight safaris allow beating daytime heat while still seeing stunning vistas.
  1. What should you not wear on desert safari?
    Avoid sarees, dresses or loose fabrics that can trip you up. Heels or wedges are dangerous for ascending dunes. Jewelry can get lost while dune bashing. Clothing that exposes too much skin risks sunburn.
  1. Do I need an international drivers license for dune bashing?
    No, dune bashing is done in specialized vehicles with professional drivers trained in off-roading over the desert terrain. You get to enjoy the ride without needing to maneuver the vehicle.
  1. Is desert camel riding cruel?
    Reputable safari camps use well-treated camels from conservation centers, not overworked animals. Camel rides are done slowly along flat desert so as not to burden the camels unduly.
  1. Can you do a Dubai desert safari while pregnant?
    Past the first trimester, slow paced activities like camel riding, henna and dinner under the stars can be enjoyed with some precautions. But avoid dune bashing or sandboarding to prevent falls.
  1. Do I need travel insurance for desert safari activities?
    Check if your existing travel insurance covers adventure tourism like dune bashing. If not, get add-on insurance for peace of mind when partaking in thrilling desert sports involving speed and height.
  1. Can you drink alcohol on Dubai desert safaris?
    No, alcohol consumption lacks legal sanction so is prohibited during Dubai desert safaris. But plenty of non-alcoholic drinks, refreshments, fruit juices and water are included.
  1. Is desert safari suitable for senior citizens?
    Besides high adrenaline dune bashing, most activities like camel rides, cultural shows and meals cater well to seniors and elders. Just avoid vigorous sand-skiing. Comfortable footwear and jackets are advised.
  1. Is desert safari worth the money?
    Absolutely! From sunrise camel treks to golden hour dune bashing and late night stargazing, alongside Arabic hospitality and cuisine, Dubai desert safaris offer immense value by bundling experiences that individually could cost a fortune.
  1. Why are Dubai desert safaris so popular?
    Iconic ever-shifting Arabian dunes, peak hospitality, cultural insight and action packed but inclusive itineraries come together to create safe, fun and visually stunning experiences perfect for solo travelers or extended families alike.

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